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Getting outside your comfort zone

comfort-zone-image-01I recently participated in a “Biggest Loser” weight competition.  Like most people I have some pounds to lose, but I’m not sure anyone would call me overweight.

I was successful at all the goals I set and felt great about the experience despite the discomfort I endured in the process.

I did it for a few reasons:

  1. To lose about 10lbs in order do achieve a more ideal weight.  I had been living at my previous weight for quite a long time (upwards of a decade) and I really wanted to shake it up
  2. To jumpstart training for a triathlon 3 months later
  3. I like to compete
  4. To experience something I had never tried before

Mostly due to #3, the experience was pretty intense.  And though I am not recommending that everyone get outside their comfort zone in this way, re-considering some of the ways that I had taken food and the way I relate to my body for granted was illuminating.

A few months ago I read a book called Living with a Seal all about an amateur athlete and entrepreneur who wanted to achieve a higher level of performance by getting a seal to train him.  It’s a very amusing light read….my most surprising takeaway (and the authors) is that the seal’s perspective can be applied to many aspects of life.

I am making this post within a business oriented blog because one of those applicable aspects is your business life.  If you are going to gain perspective and grow, you and your company need to have the capacity to examine issues/opportunities from a variety of angles.  Getting input from a broad set of people helps.  If those people are well rounded, complex people your analyses will be even better.

Are you continuing to grow?  Are you stopping to think about what is the important work that is not right in front of your face?  Are you challenging yourself and your business to explore outside of its comfort zone?

Take a few minutes and think about some sort of challenge that you could set for yourself where you are not certain of success because you’ve never tried something like that.  I guarantee you will learn a great deal in the process.