About “Future Business”

Ever since college I realized that I was best suited to contribute at the intersection of business and technology.  I observed that the computer science students had no clue about business and the business students had no clue about technology.  Now 20 years later this remains largely true even for experienced professionals.  Short of some quality consultants and CIO’s, the two worlds remain quite separate.

This blog will consider ways to improve how business operates.  Technology is a focus as a tool, but posts will also include new processes and frameworks that may be helpful.  I will go beyond mentioning new tools and discuss how those tools can be applied.  Often I will build on the posts of others in an attempt to take information a step closer to application.

I hope the dialog will help to inspire other people and that their comments/trackbacks will help to further inspire me.

Disclaimer: the thoughts and words represented in this blog are solely those of the author and do not represent those of his past or current employer nor his employers’ associates.


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