The Twitter Chat Schedule

The Twitter Chat Schedule

Twitter chats are simply pre-organized times to tweet on pre-organized hashtags.  They use applications like twebevent or TweetChat to corral just those tweets together and to auto-tag any new tweets with the right hashtag.

The Chat Schedule was inspired by Meryl Evans, who started a blog post with a collection of all the chats she knew about.  The new spreadsheet version began as a quick solution so that no one person had to track and manage the information about all the Twitter Chats.  There were only about 25 chats back then.  It has since grown into a list of hundreds of chats with several new ones added each week.

Everyone from journalists to moms to finance people to Knowledge Management professionals are finding each other and banding together via Twitter chats.  See more info about the Twitter Chat Experience

I fully expected that someone would write a little database driven web app that would replace the public Google Doc, but perhaps simpler is better in this case.

Thanks to all who run the chats, all who have posted information about chats, and all who tweet the link to the list so that more potential chatters can find one that’s right for them.

View the schedule for yourself and add any chats you know about that aren’t listed.


60 responses to “The Twitter Chat Schedule

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  2. We are always looking for better ways to manage our weekly Twitter Chat #TNI – as it has exploaded using these tools is the only way we can keep up with the dialog! Join us every Thurs. at 3:30 pm EST to chat about trending topics in the Travel World – check out more details at

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  4. What a great resource – Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the pointers! Being relatively new to Twitter I’m finding the few chats I’ve attended to be somewhat frenetic and hard to follow at times, but interesting nonetheless. I’m remembering “simpler” days back on IRC when a nice rich client app like mIRC made things relatively seemless. Hopefully we’ll get something better via TweetDeck, Seesmic or other similar apps to really focus on the chat experience. May make my transition (and that of other newbies) from spectator to participant a bit easier.

  6. Frank, Thx for your comment. Yes, it would be nice to have chatting nicely integrated with the twitter client apps. However, there are also sites like that are springing up that use the Twitter Chat as the foundation and build an online community (both synchronous and asynchronous) around that.

  7. Amanda Ellis & I are co-hosting #LawJobChat starting on June 24th.

    Here are the details:

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  9. Hi, I’m the Founder of HireFriday, a boots on the ground approach approach to your online job search. Chris Brogan and Industry leaders support our premise. Instead of FollowFriday tweet HireFriday, connect people to jobs, people and resources. Our twitter chat is hosted by @HRMargo @JLetourneau and @JPedde, Sweden, and most recently in France. Started by Margo Rose in February 2010, this movement is now global, and we are helping job seekers world wide. We lend a hand and encourage a heart. Our chat Noon-1 on Friday isn’t fluff: we answer the tough questions that are constantly on the minds of job seekers. This is a pay it forward that benefits everyone: job seekers, career and professional development community, the recruitment, and HR community.

    We would appreciate being added to your list.

    Thank you,

    @HRMargo Rose
    Founder & CEO of HireFriday 2.0

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  12. I am going to share some useful information also here is that for schedule tweets i am using the site “” the way this site works is great and perfect.the time of schedule tweet is perfect.

  13. Love it! Thanks for setting this up….. GREAT suggestions

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  15. Yes, we do need a usable database – hopefully someone will build one soon. For search, schedules, maybe links to transcripts, etc.

    Twitter chats are strange animals but if managed well, a lot of value can be extracted from them.

    What remains to be seen if they proliferate so much that they over-scale. We’ll see – could be very interesting.

    Founder of:

  16. Just wanted to let you know I plan to tackled the challenge of making the chat list a searchable database. Hopefully it won’t take long, but I’ll let you know how it goes. Any suggestions for features/function of the database would be welcome.

  17. Joey, make it so that a person can hop over to it, type in the day and time, and see what’s going on right then. That’s what’s difficult about the Google doc for me. It’s always at the last minute when I think of it, and have to scroll and scroll to even find the one I’m thinking of but can’t recall the exact name of.

    Is that doable? #iknownadatech 😀 Thanks, Swan!

  18. Hi Paula, yes, that’s in the plan, to be able to search by day, date, time slot, etc. I’d love to be able to create a calendar entry, too. We’ll see. (I’m not the techie, I have a friend helping me on that end.)

  19. I’m not sure how to update the sheet but I participate in 2 chats that are not currently listed.

    WPSchat discusses latest Women’s Professional Soccer league news. It’s run by @christinet6d and @wmtammickiii on WED @ 8pmET. Questions are posted a few days prior to each chat for review / comment at

    SBchat discusses sport business and is led by @LouImbriano, who was a marketing exec for the New England Patriots for 9 years. SBchat runs WED @ 8pmET.

  20. Ingrid thanks for the comment. Anyone can add to the list by going to and adding a new row at the bottom. I check it most mornings, clean up the links, and re-build the alphabetic sort.

  21. Thanks for adding #steampunkchat!

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  29. Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been looking for something like this forever. I participate in a few chats and wanted to expand to others. Thanks again!

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  33. Wow! Awesome… ask and you shall receive: I just tweeted last night asking for a “TV Guide” for twitter chats… and now I found you! Thanks so much for creating this ~ Will take some time to review… Won’t it be awesome when someone DOES build a website for this?! (hint, all you web app developers!!) :)) ~ Having this data be searchable by many factors (profession, subject, day, time, region, etc) would be exceptionally great! And in the meantime, I’m loving that YOU all, created this! THANK YOU! 🙂

  34. Sharon, thanks for the comment. I am (slowly) working on something that will help. It is called twebevent. Anyone can add their chat by typing in the URL followed by the hashtag (without the ‘#’). Site will walk you through the steps.

    It has a “whats on” page to see what chats are coming up, but we haven’t yet got the search working. We are in the process (again, slowly) of getting it to support series.

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  38. Awesome. Thanks so much. Hope you will all enjoy #EAvChat about Empire Avenue. Checking out some of the other chats now. Michael

  39. Awesome @Swan!
    Don’t remember seeing your reply (me, not you!), so sorry I didn’t reply. I will have to have a look at – sounds like what I was envisioning someone would create (especially impt for search capability) – Excellent! I think you’ll have something really valuable when all is said and done, because I’d say, Tweet Chats are on the rise! Thank you for doing it. If I can help… let me know ~

  40. Swan,

    Here’s another listing of Twitter Chat’s I started…we’re keeping our listing to the following topics: Blogging, Branding & Marketing, Social Media & Talent/Jobs

    Great blog–keep up the good work!
    Ed (@justasked)

  41. Thanks for keeping track and allowing me to include #MomBlogBiz on the spreadsheet!

  42. Thanks for keeping up on this list- it’s a great resource! I just blogged about it here:

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  44. Thank you, I just updated the spreadsheet with #EVChat. Thank you.

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  46. I appreciate you creating a master list!

    I added #AngelChat, excited to host the first one this week.

    Is there a way to reorganize the list. It appears to have gotten a bit out of control over night! Lots of new chats! #triplewordscore

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  49. Do you know why #EVChat is no longer on the list? How can I add it,so it will remain on the list for ever? 🙂

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  52. I may be showing my ignorance about Google Docs spreadsheets, but how do I see all of the chats? When I view it, there are only a couple dozen of them showing, and if I do a “find”, it finds lots of listings that are in hidden cells. How do I view those? All of the chats I’m looking for are apparently in hidden cells. :-\

    Thanks in advance for your reply. And thanks for putting this list together!

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  55. Did something happen to the chat schedule, it’s empty

  56. We have created a fully searchable directory of over 800 Twitter chats. More are added daily. You can also submit your own chat at our website: – you can perform complex searches to narrow down the search results by day, time and timezone. You can also perform chat searches based upon the topics you might be interested in. Hope you find our resource helpful. – Jon @thechatdiary

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  59. That’s a smart way of thinnikg about it.

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