Asking the big questions

This blog is all about Future Business.  My latest consulting gig is in the education space and it is a whole lot of “future”.  Recently, I agreed to serve as Product Manager turning a concept into a repeatable/scalable product for School of One.  It is an ambitious project that gives each student their own custom daily schedule to match their educational needs and learning preferences.

The project is quite a ride.  The people are smart, the goal is ridiculously large, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are working on problems that not only haven’t been solved yet, but haven’t even been considered and are only now possible given the advancement of technology.

I will keep you tuned via this blog.  If changing the way US public schools work is important to you, feel free to connect and I will be happy to collaborate on anything that is shareable.

Other big questions that I am working on

  • Can an online community be consistently energized by a Twitter Chat? KMers
  • Can online events be made more collaborative by combining video streams with Twitter Chats? twebevent
  • Can the speaker bureau industry be vastly improved?  TBA

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