Writing to Figure Out

Bloggers write for a number of different reasons.  One of the most popular reasons and the primary reason that I blog is to work out ideas.  I find that I don’t truly understand my views until I have put them down in print.  Writing also forces me to do some research into the topic to make sure I am well-informed and to figure out how my ideas fit into those of others.

At the beginning of a podcast interview with Jeff De Cagna, Dan Pink brings this concept to life in the way that only a professional speaker can.  Dan’s latest book, Drive, just came out this week.  I have yet to give it a read, but if it is anything like Dan in person or his previous books: Free Agent Nation, Whole New Mind, Adventures of Johnny Bunko; it will expand your views and possibly even take you in a whole new direction.

The true power of our age is how easy it is to connect with ideas and people.  Use this advantage to spark new ideas and build on the ones that you have.  If writing is not your thing then make sure that you are heavily collaborating with others to develop those ideas.  So many people are willing to help as long as you return the favor.

If you have not already checked out Twitter Chats as a way to connect with a knowledge community, there is a whole schedule of them listed here.  One of those chats is even about best practices for knowledge sharing: http://KMers.org


2 responses to “Writing to Figure Out

  1. Hi Swan, I stumbled upon your blog and realized we blog about similar ideas, thoughts and topics. And like you, I blog to visualize ideas and put my “thinking out loud” ideas into print. I also blog to throw ideas out there and often relating to my work as a Innovation & Brand Strategist with Mindcode (www.mindcode.com).

    With your permission, I’ll repost your blog post. Let’s stay connected. I also share your idea of collaborating with other professionals to deliver work to clients, because there’s only so much we know – as individuals – and finding other “brainpower” is often just a click away (or make that a “blog click” away!).

    dian – san diego
    Idea Inspiring Innovation http://www.dianhasan.wordpress.com

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