Unexpected Consequences

Before releasing a product it is always wise to do some customer research and to test said product with a sample set of customers.  However, one can never predict all the different ways that your product might be useful.  Unexpected consequences can be bad (children eating small toys), but some can be completely wonderful.

twebevent was recently launched as a way to combine video streams with a Twitter Chat.  We imagined that some people might blend audio from sites like TalkShoe and BlogTalkRadio to get a text chat going at the same time.  We did not anticipate that an enterprising user would embed an entire webcast technology.

@jfouts is a BrightTalk webcast user.  She realized that BrightTalk offers an embed and so she just plugged it into twebevent.  Voila, she had all the features of BrightTalk: slides, audio, polling, Q&A, etc… mashed wth all the features of twebevent: listed in the schedule, host branding at the top of the screen, Twitter Chat on her desired hashtag, etc…  You can view her recording here.

The moral of the story: the faster you get something out into the public domain, the faster you can learn everywhere it provides value.  There are lots of iterative improvements planned for twebevent, but we wanted to release it as quickly as possible even in an early state.  That strategy is paying off.


4 responses to “Unexpected Consequences

  1. Congrats Swan! This is great news for you and Twebevent!

  2. Thanks Sam. The next iteration of twebevent is just going into testing now. Should be launched in a few weeks.
    – Side by side video/chat
    – Access to hashtag chat without pre-creating an event page
    – Host can build/manage event right on the event page rather than separate event management screens.

  3. I really enjoyed using Twebevent for my Brighttalk presentation and got good feedback on it. I’ll give it a spin for the new radio show coming out in October as well and I’ll look forward to seeing what other people do with it as well!
    One correction. It’s @jfouts not foust… ( :

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