Best Practice Uses of Twitter

TwChatDon’t pay one of the umpteen Twitter con artists for information about best practices on Twitter.  Get it from the weekly #twchat Twitter chat that takes place every Tuesday at 12pm EST.  To join, just point your browser to at the appropriate time.

Here is some of the information shared this week

For everyone:

  1. Connect on a personal level whenever possible  –> Tweet This
  2. Provide help to individuals. Don’t just shout about yourself. –> Tweet This
  3. A few engaged connections are better than umpteen followers who pay no attention  –> Tweet This
  4. Seek out communities with your interests. Twitter chats are one way: –> Tweet This
  5. Find interesting connections through the people that you trust/respect  –> Tweet This
  6. Connect with people you meet on Twitter through email and phone. Take it to the next level  –> Tweet This
  7. Combine Twitter with Live Video to create a twebevent  –> Tweet This
  8. Use Twitter searches to monitor keywords that are important to you and/or your business  –> Tweet This
  9. Respond to critics on Twitter quickly. See if you can understand and deal with their issues  –> Tweet This
  10. Use a Twitter client app to improve access to your Twitter stream. Save yourself some time  –> Tweet This

For more advanced Twitter users:

  1. Use an app like to vet whether you want to follow-back on new followers  –> Tweet This
  2. Use an app like to determine how your follower and followee counts are trending  –> Tweet This
  3. Use an app like to build a community around your hashtag  –> Tweet This
  4. Use an app like to participate with a certain hashtag community  –> Tweet This
  5. Use an app to send anyone who follows you a quick intro message. (this one somewhat controversial)  –> Tweet This

If you enjoyed some of these Twitter best practices, use the hashtag #twchat to share your own and join us at Tuesday 12pm EST each week to share in real time OR share your idea in the comments below.


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